This online research project ran from November 2020 to July 2021 and was led by Dr Bridget Bradley, hosted by the University of St Andrews, and funded by the Scottish Funding Council.

eco worrier: climate anxiety

There is a wide consensus that we currently inhabit a world on the verge of catastrophic climate and ecological change. News reports claim that there are whole generations at risk of growing up with “eco-anxiety”, and parents have been warned of the mental health effects of talking to their children about the climate crisis. Eco-anxiety is an  area of  increasing interest and a significant issue of our times, but we know very little about the lived experiences of people actually dealing with it. 

eco warrior: climate activism

Alongside experiences of eco-anxiety, we are interested in the relationship between climate anxiety and participation in climate-related work, protests and activism. In recent years, we have seen increasing numbers of people getting involved in climate action, particularly young people who have been inspired by the school strikes for climate or ‘Fridays for Future’ movement. We ask why people choose to participate in these events, and how this participation affects levels of climate anxiety. An important aspect of our research is to examine the different generational experiences of climate activism, and how families discuss climate activism and anxiety at home.

how to get involved

The initial period of participant recruitment for this project has now ended, but we are in the process of planning future research that allows us to explore climate anxiety in new ways. Please visit our Blog to see updates on our plans, and check out our News section to keep updated on upcoming publications and events. We are always keen to hear from people who are interested in themes of climate anxiety and activism, so feel free to send us a message via the Contact Us page.


This project featured a collaboration with Edinburgh based-photographer, Marc Millar of Schnapps Photography. All images on this web page are provided by Marc and celebrate our shared interests in the environment and mental health.